Best Cryptocurrency To Invest or Buy Now 2018 | Top 5 Coins List

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

Cryptocurrency is really confusing and choosing right coin is really important because there many factor on which price hiking or dropping is depends like maximum supply, features, technology, security, road map, partnership names, market cap value, wallet, social media updates report, so here we going to listing some cryptocurrency who will have long run according to their previous performance and their future program will clearly indicate is there any growth in future or not, so user always will be in profit, as along with this investor has to follow some instructions, which include while investing cryptocurrency you have to go for long time investment which means investor has to wait for 5 to 6 months or more than this for getting more percentage of profit and don’t get panic while cryptocurrency dropping because there must be cryptocurrency crash where all coin started falling with really huge percentage.


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as we have seen in December 2017 & January 2018 all cryptocurrency including newly launched coins price is one the moon, and rising with huge percentage in which Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple almost rise by more than 400% in price in just 2 months and then price become steady till mid of February 2018, but after this cryptocurrency facing really bad problem which has many reason like big country banning cryptocurrency trading, API of top trading platform hacked, user mined coins stolen from hackers, then one of the largest crypto holder country south Korea is going to banned trading & mining rumors started affecting crypto prices and at last due sudden growth in millions of investor in January 2018 maximum supply is almost equal to calculating supply because of this market cap fluctuation suddenly stopped which again started creating impact on prices, so below we have coin which survive in crash and standing steady with price.

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2018
Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2018

Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Now

  • Tron: this is one of the most secure and active cryptocurrency of current world, who was rising with skyrocket speed in January 2018 and gaining huge jump in top market cap holder list, as we day ago they are launched test net in which they will be testing network to launch their Main network which is nothing own network or platform means there will more number of transaction per second, it will reduce transaction fees also and also improve security for all investor, so one main network launched then all transaction and data will be transferred to newly launched platform along with this we know Tron gets partnership of Chinese Netflix and many other industry currently investing in Tron and as per official twitter handler they makes officials that some big partnership coming soon so again price will again on the moon and there are huge chances it will keep rising after 2 or 3 month of main net launched and again tron expected to be in top 5 cryptocurrency sorted by market cap value.
  • Neo: very popular cryptocurrency because for Token ICO distribution NEO coin is most used coin for exchange which result it always shows more price fluctuation as compare to other top cryptocurrency, as right now over 25% of total supply is still available for trading and because of this coin not falls in low priced cryptocurrency so it takes long time to reaches its maximum supply, now talking about growth rate then from beginning of April 2018 Neo gaining huge investor which result it price is again on the moon and rises from $45 USD to $80 USD almost double and NEO is also has very secure network for transaction and also planning to launch many more program in future which also help to rise investor which create impact on market cap value and again Neo will be in the top 10 cryptocurrency sorted by market cap.
  • Ripple: a low price cryptocurrency who changed everything in crypto world after being consistent in price for more than 2 year it suddenly showing growth in price and rise from $0.20 USD to $3.2 USD in January 2018, for this growth Asian plays major role because over 60% of investor from this region and another reason is Ripple transaction fees is nearly equal to zero or very less in percentage and also having no problem with amount of investment but opposite to this Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash has really huge transaction fees and low transaction speed for small payments, so people started taking more interest in ripple for more benefit, so at one point in February 2018 Ripple beat Ethereum in market cap and grows almost double than ETH and giving tough competition to Bitcoin, but because of it has low price supply finishes which stopped fluctuation and again ripple dropped to 3rd position.
  • Stellar: XLM is ticker symbol of Stellar cryptocurrency which is specially designed for micro payment or transaction and also charges very low transaction feeats and it has very huge maximum & low price cryptocurrency currently trading at below $1 USD, who grabbing everyone attention because it works very different ways it has mobile banking branches, services under banked and mobile money with lightning fast speed of 2 to 3 second approval time, as we know current problem many cryptocurrency facing low supply which result into price dropped but from April 2018 Stellar is one the rise and rumors saying this growth is just because of partnership with IBM or Novatti company, but nothing yet confirmed, they will makes official announcement very soon.
  • Verge: XVG is ticket symbol, one of most active cryptocurrency currently trading at $0.0727 USD showing continuous growth in market because there are many rumors are spreading about Verge partnership as few days ago biggest adult website is going to having partnership with verge to buy premium membership xvg currency will be used then they also closer to gets partnership with token pay which will create impact, as right now over 20% of total supply is still available for trading & mining so verge still got momentum in future and again will be shock the crypto world with huge growth rate.

Note: before investing in above cryptocurrency investor need to follow some criteria, first of all you have to choose long terms investment which means for getting good percentage of profit investor has to wait for than 4 to 5 months or sometimes more than this and sometimes you may face huge loss in platform so we just provide you prediction which cryptocurrency will do better and so invest at your own risk.

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