Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020, 2025, 2050 Future Forecast

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin is first coin to create hype in investment world after showing limitless growth in price, as people started knowing about cryptocurrency in the term of Bitcoin from somewhere in June or July 2017 after crossing $3k USD mark then with increase in number of investor slowly slowly Bitcoin market cap value starting growing along with their prices, but after mid of December 2017 Bitcoin started losing momentum after reaching all time highest on 17th January 2017 by reaching $19,154 USD after this everyone believing that Bitcoin price prediction set from top trade expert is turning out be true & following growth of December 2018, investor believe that in January 2018 Bitcoin will cross $50k USD mark, but after reaching $17k USD mark in beginning of January 2018 it looks like Bitcoin started losing momentum and taking advantage of this Ripple who beat Ethereum because of sudden growth in investor Ripple price going on the moon in which Ripple is very close to beat Bitcoin.

Month & YearBTC Price Prediction
April 2018$8123 USD
August 2018$999 USD
December 2018$10126 USD

Note: above price are just prediction which is set according to previous year & last 3 month analysis.

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BTC Price Prediction

There are many reason behind loss in price Bitcoin as home country China officially banned cryptocurrency mining & trading where there are more than 40% of investor of Bitcoin is there, so sudden dropped must be possible reason of price dropped in January 2018, then again in there many hacking reports are out and also some trading website API hacked and also some of mined bitcoin are stolen so because of this people started losing trust which result newly launched coin getting more attention and this effect Bitcoin in February 2018, but this loss didn’t stopped, as match 2018 turning out be worst as compare to previous two months because there are more than 2 cryptocurrency crash happen following rumors of south Korea country banned crypto and some of expert was talks about Bitcoin Price bubble in which by investing huge money in Bitcoin it create sudden hike in market cap value and again price will also surge by huge rate then people started investing their money that time they taking out their money then again prices start dropping.

Bitcoin Price Prediction
Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018

Bitcoin is terrific in 2018 as compare to 2017 in the analysis on first 3 months of 2018 and last three month of 2017, as beginning of January 2018 i.e. start of year Bitcoin was on the moon for 2 weeks then from $17k USD to $6k USD prices are dropped with almost -64.70% which is really huge as compare to previous loss, as talking about 2017 there are cryptocurrency crash but they are very frequent or less in number and generally seen once in 3 to 4 month and in 2018 in just one month there are 2 to 3 month crash, now what will be future and how will Bitcoin worth in 2018 this many question started coming, as many of people thinking that cryptocurrency is dead since last 2.5 month there is no growth in price as compare to December 2017, so makers right now launching hark fork version like Bitcoin has Bitcoin cash and Litecoin has Litecoin Cash to continue transaction and market cap in fluctuation, now considering all this factor we have below price prediction.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020

now we know 2020 will be technology gifted year and there are many AI will be launching but as per news there is one cryptocurrency Savedriod which has 2020 year feature i.e. it will allows to bot automatically invest money by studying previous report means they automatically store and invest money of user by making own analysis which working on specific formula they will generate if this really happening then they have future plans like they also entering into other investment option like Stock market, mutual fund and more option, as Telsa & Skype investor believe that in 4 years Bitcoin will hit $250000 USD means if this report true then according this Bitcoin in 2020 will be near to $50K USD and practically this is not happening because if we take looks at maximum supply and market cap value which is really low and as right now 20% supply is available for mining & trading just because in India RBI warns to bank not to have transaction related cryptocurrency many of people cash out their money or dropping prices are second possible reason behind available supply is more.

Month & yearNarrative Price Prediction
January 2020$159o7 USD
August 2020$17765 USD
December 2020$19723 USD

In January 2018 Calculating supply is nearly equal to total supply which result many user not able to buy Bitcoin so that time transaction are stopped then market cap stopped fluctuation and because of this price start dropping so till 2020 Bitcoin will have further plan for adding new features, improving security, increase transaction speed and no matter its low amount transaction or high amount transaction, as in January 2018 investor are stopped showing interest in Bitcoin because of their transaction fess and transaction speed, as per report speed of Blockchain become slower if there is load of number of investor.

Bitcoin Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameBitcoin
Ticker SymbolBTC
Year of Introduction29th April 2017
Maximum Supply21,000,000 BTC
ExchangeBinance, Bitfinex, Bithumb, OKEx, Huobi, upbit, Zebpay, coinbase
  • How Much Bitcoin Worth in 2025 

Ans: $25000 USD

  • Will Bitcoin Reach $50K USD in 2050 

Ans: Yes

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