Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | Forecast Future

Bitcoin Private Price Prediction

hark fork version coming from Bitcoin family making headline in April 2018 after showing over 80% growth in single day by generating $1.2 million USD in just 24 hours and with this Bitcoin private takes huge leap in ranking after entering into top 50 cryptocurrency it become competitor Bytecoin, Wanchain &  many other, as BTCP is ticker Symbol of Bitcoin Private which was listed on 10th march 2018 with Price $64 USD and then it continue rising to reaches to all time highest with $86 USD till now, the main reason behind this peak is this crypto is combination of Bitcoin & Zclassic in which they are create there own Platform i.e. Bitcoin Private Chain by combining Bitcoin Chain, Zclassic Chain, but the not able to create good of amount of maximum supply which result in just 2 weeks calculating supply is nearly equal to total supply because of this prices started dropping because of less transaction in market cap.

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BTCP Price Prediction 2018

BTCP is ticker Symbol which is derived from Bitcoin & Zclassic, so BTCP is prices growth and drop depend on parent crypto means if there is growth in Bitcoin or Zclassic there will be small growth in Bitcoin Private also and if both showing huge growth then just like 13th April 2018 BTCP will start showing average 80% growth, as talking about future price prediction then this coin will dropped in price again because BTCP not yet complete 3 months of launch along with there is low total supply for trading & mining so investing right now will not be great choice, as we mentioned in previous article choose cryptocurrency who is newly launched and having unique feature and second thing is check response at Initial coin offering where all schedule supply is sold out or not and in other hand also check security.

Month & YearBTCP Price Prediction
May 2018$36USD
August 2018$49 USD
December 2018$46 USD

Note: mentioned price are set according to march 2018 report, as Bitcoin private newly launched crypto so no price graph report is available.

Bitcoin Private Price Prediction 2020

Bitcoin hark fork version doing great job like Bitcoin Cash is currently ranking under top 5 coin sorted by coin market cap and other version Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond also gaining huge leap in market cap value, so right now many cryptocurrency prices are falling down with many possible reasons in which there is major role of cryptocurrency crash happening every month and sometimes it happening for 2 to 3 times which result into drop rate is more than growth rate, so in many cases starting prices of crypto who completed 3 months of launch dropped below starting price, which result investor confuse about which crypto will be perfect choice, as many of investor thinking for long terms investment so for them we have 2020 year Price Prediction and how much will Bitcoin Private worth in 2 to 5 years, as per rumors in future many country thinking to banning crypto trading and mining, jut because of tax, income hiding report and black money, so below we have set average price which will gives you idea about Bitcoin private prices in 2020.

Month & YearBitcoin Private Price Prediction
January 2020$126 USD
June 2020$99 USD
December 2020$156 USD

Note: above prices is just prediction set according Bitcoin & Zclassic performance in previous year.

Bitcoin Private Price Prediction
Bitcoin Private Price Prediction

Bitcoin Private Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameBitcoin Private
Ticker SymbolBTCP
Year of IntroductionMarch 2018
PlatformBitcoin Private chain
ExchangeTrade Satoshi, Nanex, Exrates, Tradeogre, Octaex
Maximum Supply21,000,000 BTCP
Review Date
Reviewed Item
Bitcoin Private
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