IOTA Price Prediction 2018, 2020, 2025 | MIOTA Forecast Till $15 USD

IOTA Price Prediction

IOTA makes positive comeback in prices after showing 40% of growth in 7 days and reason behind this growth is IOTA brings new update of wallet in they makes few changes of storing IOTA trinity Wallet and following this sudden growth in number of investor on 15th April 2018 IOTA reaches to its maximum supply means there is no supply is remaining for trading & mining, as IOTA is based on very different platform than Blockchain i.e. Internet of Things working on Tangled technology specially designed for micro payment and faster transaction speed for per second, so somewhere in December 2017 where people struggling to get faster transaction and also tired for giving huge transaction fees in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash & Other cryptocurrency, that time IOTA pops out which very unique feature which are convenient to user, so on 6th December 2017 IOTA reaches to all time highest by crossing $5 USD mark and also takes huge jump in ranking.

IOTA Price Prediction 2018

IOTA in 2018 not good as 2017 because in January month IOTA not constant in growth but able to maintain average $3 USD price where other cryptocurrency showing huge growth rate, but in December 2017 scene is different in which only IOTA is only crypto who is showing over 100% growth in prices where other top crypto is in steady report and so it looks like IOTA not able maintain growth after new year because there is no more hark fork version is launched and because of having different technology there is no advantage for exchanging to buy newly launched cryptocurrency, as we know to buy newly launched crypto in some portal you to first buy Bitcoin i.e. BTC then user has to exchange that BTC balance into desire cryptocurrenc and again calculating supply is closer to maximum supply which result price fluctuation making trouble to attract investor so in 2018 prices continuously following down and IOTA is currently trading below $2 USD since last 1.5 months, so here we provide price prediction to giving you idea about IOTA Price speculation.

Month & YearIOTA Price Prediction
May 2018$1.3 USD
August 2018$3.2 USD
December 2018$4.6 USD

Note: above price are set considering cryptocurrency crash & sudden growth rate.

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IOTA Price Prediction 2020

IOTA holding strong future as they need to increase their maximum supply as there is no problem with sudden increase in number of investor and also as every transaction is connected to each other which improve proof of work which store transaction data also called as proof of work, as IOTA is available for trading & Exchange on biggest trading portal but right now they dealing with maximum supply which already stopped transaction and following this there is no market cap value fluctuation result into price are again start following down, as growth rate also dropped from 10% to almost 1% and in few days again IOTA will be trading at below $1 USD and again will start rising when there is availability of Supply and now talking about 2020 then that time this platform will be get huge demand and many top industry already proposing to launch cryptocurrency on IOTA platform because of Scalability, less fees, Interooperability, Quantum Vulnerability.

Month & YearMIOTA Price Prediction
January 2020$16.3 USD
June 2020$19.4 USD
December 2018$21.4 USD

Note: if IOTA will follow with world then above prediction turning out be true.

IOTA Price Prediction
IOTA Price Prediction

MIOTA Forecast

MIOTA is ticker symbol of IOTA, as with 2,779,530,283 MIOTA maximum supply this crytocurrency trading at 10th spot sorted by Capitalization of market cap value by crossing $4 billion USD, as they are always active on social media so investor not thinking about cashing out their money, because for current user there will be good news is coming in which new version or some modification will be done by officials as they launching new wallet which providing security and privacy and talking about prediction then somewhere in beginning of 2019 IOTA will expected to reach $5 USD mark and continue this growth then till end of 2019 i.e. somewhere in November or December month it will cross $10 USD and talking about how much MIOTA will worth in 5 to 7 year means in 2023 to 2025 will be trading at more than $50 USD worth and also get huge ranking in market cap value.

YearIOTA Forecast
2023$33 USD
2025$54 USD
2050$168 USD
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