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Litecoin Private

after unofficial hark fork version of Litecoin i.e. Litecoin Cash there are many rumors again started spreading about another hark fork version Litecoin Private, as this cryptocurrency is specially designed for private transaction of Litecoin enabled with smart contacts and more security, as right now from last few weeks Bitcoin hark fork version Bitcoin Private is showing 120% growth in prices and currently gaining huge attention from investor which result after crossing $1 billion USD market cap value it ranking under top 25 cryptocurrency, which comes in very short time so right now along with Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond again fork version dominating into market cap list, as Litecoin was one of most unique feature cryptocurrency but newly launched coin having low transaction fees and having better speed than litecoin and right now it struggling with limited supply so to overcome this problem launching hark fork version will be great choice and also improve growth rate of parent cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency NameLitecoin Private
Ticker SymbolLTCP
Year of IntroductionApril 2018
PlatformERC20 Blockhain
ExchangeYobit, Forkdelta
Maximum Supply126,000,000 LTCP

Note: above information not 100% true, we will update very soon.

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Litecoin Private Hard Fork

Litecoin Private as per many sources airdrop expected to start on 21st April 2018 but till now there is no updates form official twitter account since 4th april 2018, as in recent tweet they mentioned that something really big news is coming but as per announcement there is no updates was there, as they already finished with Desktop wallet so user who already buy LTCP Token can convert into LTCP Coin, as LTCP is ticker symbol Litecoin Private, as Litecoin Private will have 126,000,000 LTCP maximum supply and from this 24% supply will be distributed in airdrop or initial coin offering and other 75% supply will be available for current litecoin user for exchange, as talking about what will be new things added in this version then it will be 200 time faster than Bitcoin and 50 times faster than Litecoin because it has 5 Block time and also can do 300 transaction per second and it also have revolutionary zkSNARKs technology for making more secure.

Litecoin Private
Litecoin Private

Litecoin Private Price Prediction

as per Litecoin Private is trading at $0.002230 USD price but unfortunately there are huge chances are this must be wrong information about cryptocurrency who haven’t begin with capitalization so there is no market cap value and Litecoin private will initial available for exchange on Yobit, Forkdelta, Octaex and KKCoin very soon, so as per airdrop report Litecoin Private will be trading at same price of Litecoin when it launched officially means Litecoin Private and Litecoin will have similar price and all private transaction will comes under LTCP and once it launched completely then Litecoin prices will be on the moon again help to cross $300 USD mark again in future, as LTC price already reaches to $355 USD where all top cryptocurrency rising with huge growth.


there is only one source for LTCP Coin i.e. twitter account which is not yet verified and another source is Bitcointalk forum page where it announced LTC Block 1407299 and expected Fork date is 21st April 2018 and will have same reward like LTC coin, Desktop wallet for Windows, Linux will be available soon, Litecoin user will be rewarded by LTCP token, Whitepaper will going to be launched very soon as it currently it is unavailable and along with this they also posted video about features where bank system also going to launched for LTCP in which credit or debit cards will be distributed to users and will have more advanced mobile application which can access all transaction. Litecoin private official website currently unavailable because of some server issue.

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