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Maadhaar App

Maadhaar is mobile Application which is launched by Unique Identification Authority of India UIDAI which is nothing but virtual Aadhaar Card on mobile phone which carry Aadhaar Card holder Full Name, Date of Birth, Gender then on right side you have barcode, then below you have Aadhaar Card Number in that last four digit only displayed and first eight number are hidden with X character, then you have TOTP code which means Time-based One-Time Password which automatically generate password for one time which means using this password you can do only one task on Maadhaar App, as we know Prime Minister of India done plenty of changes in which making Aadhaar compulsory for every Indian citizen now they also announced linking of Pan Card with Aadhaar card which means Aadhaar in future will be important document for every Indian citizen as we know for buying new sim card, creating new bank account, buying new vehicle, house and more stuff we need Aadhaar card but every time we not able carry Aadhaar card in pocket so Government of India under UIDAI officially launched this App and after Pan Card linking finished with Aadhaar card, mAadhaar will be updated with new features and some other facility will be added. So now many of citizen wanted to download this App on their smartphone so below we have provided step by step process to download according to operating system.

mAadhaar App Download
mAadhaar App Download

Maadhaar Apk

APK version is only valid for Android user and to download follow below steps:

  • Open Play Store App from your Smartphone
  • Then in search box type mAadhaar App and search you will get result list
  • Then find correct which means official App by checking uploader name i.e. UIDAI
  • Then press Install button download automatically started then click on open button
  • Then after that you need to create profile in which you have to enter Aadhaar Card Number.
  • Once you finished with Profile Creation then your mAadhaar Card officially created virtually.

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Maadhaar iOS | mAadhaar App for iPhone

Below process valid for all Apple Product which work on iOS operating System

  • Open App Store App From your Phone
  • Then at right corner you have search button in that type mAadhaar App uploaded by UIDAI as initially in App Store mAadhaar App not available because before it allow to download Apple done test then allow user to Download.
  • Then click Download button and install it on your device
  • Then open App and then follow simple profile creation process

Maadhaar App For PC

If you wanted to access or use Maadhaar App on your Laptop or PC then follow below step:

  • First Download Bluestack Application on your Computer or Laptop
  • Then install it then you will get Smartphone like Screen
  • Then open playstore App in that you have search box
  • In that enter Maadhaar app by UIDAI
  • Then installed it just like Android Application
  • Then just create Profile on App

Maadhaar App For Windows | Maadhaar App for Blackberry

As this Windows and blackberry both Operating system not so popular which result mAadhaar App officially not yet released but it will launched soon.

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