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MAadhaar Password

mAadhaar is mobile application launched by UIDAI under Government of India as Aadhaar card is most important document for Indian citizen to show their identity which recently proved by Government because over 500 lost kids return to their home because of finger print scanning system their information which include name, address, phone number. Now on airport Maadhaar will be playing important role because for identification on airport citizen need to show their Aadhaar so you don’t need to carry Aadhaar card in pocket just Download mAadhaar application on mobile phone and show them as identity proof basically mAadhaar is just virtual image of Aadhaar card which display in Mobile app and for security every citizen need to set password or generate TOTP which means Time Based one-time password which allow user to use password for one time only as temporary password to replace SMS OTP verification and improve security but in some cases user forgot password and don’t know how to generate password so below we provide step by step process which also help you to recover mAadhaar app passwords.

How to Generate TOTP for Maadhaar App

TOTP means Time-Based One Time Password, this is just an alternative to the old concept of verification of mobile or other devices, cards and accounts. This TOTP does not need to use mobile network for SMS or message delivery. For that requirement is the client’s device that is mobile phone should be in sync with IST time zone. Click the below link to Generate TOTP for your profile on Maadhaar App:-

TOTP for Maadhaar App

Below are the steps to be follow in order to generate TOTP on Maadhaar App:-

  1. Download Maadhaar App from Playstore or App Market
  2. Open Maadhaar App and create new resident profile
  3. You have to go to TOTP page by navigating the app
  4. Now TOTP will be shows which has life span of 30 seconds.

(Note: Keep your mobile time sync with the IST time zone +5:30 UTC)Maadhaar TOTP

Maadhaar TOTP

Maadhaar Forgot Password

Below this paragraph we have provided how to recover password for Maadhaar App on you mobile phone or laptop or pc. There are multiple ways to do the same. You will need to go with step by step process to reset your password. Maadhaar provides you a simple way in case you forgot your password as below: –

  1. Open Maadhaar App and go to your profile.
  2. Go to the Top Menu and press the ‘Reset Password’ at bottom of the page.
  3. You will be ask for security question or OTP to verify your identity.
  4. Now enter your new password to reset Maadhaar profile password.

(Mark a note that password should contain 1 capital letter, 1 special character and 1 numeric digit)

MAadhaar App 

Maadhaar is officially available for Android user only but iOS or iPhone user still searching for mAadhaar app but because there less number of citizen who own iOS operating system Government not yet launched Maadhaar app for iOS user but as per report this will be available very soon which will be really great news for many people struggling to finding this to avoid frauds and fake app which looks similar like maadhaar for this user need to see up-loader’s name which should UIDAI only. You also can download the maadhaar app from the link provided below: –

Maadhaar App 

Register and change Mobile Number in Maadhaar App

While creating profile on maadhaar user can register their mobile number with help of OTP verification, first started with create new profile then scan Aadhaar card bar code using phone camera then you will redirected to name in that process you can enter your mobile number or directly sent request to change mobile number.


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