Ontology (ONT coin) Price Prediction 2018, 2020, 2025, what is ONT coin?

Ontology (ONT coin) Price Prediction 2018, 2020, 2025

In this post we will mainly talk about one of the hero coin of this week in Top 25 cryptocurrencies based on the capitalization. In the last line Hero is in terms of having best growth rate for the week with. If we compare only top 25 cryptocurrencies then ONT coin is ranking at 1st position in terms of with total of 90% growth rate. Verge is on the 2nd position with growth rate of around 30% rest of the cryptocurrencies are either in single digit growth rate or in the negative growth means falling down. We have also published dedicated article up on why Verge is going up? With proper analysis and top reasons behind that, you should have a glance on it. Please make a note that above observation are limited to only top 25 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization and for last 7 days.

Ontology Coin Price Prediction
Ontology Coin Price Prediction

So this is the reason we chose to write an informative article on Ontology Cryptocurrency which also known as ONT coin as a short name. We will discuss about what is ontology, ONT coin price prediction, and ONT coin reddit as well as Ontology coin news.

What is Ontology coin?

Before starting ahead we want to clarify one thing that you should not use this website as investment advice or endorsement of any Cryptocurrency. Investing in cryptocurrencies is subject to market, technical and legal risk so before investing you must have an advice from financial expert or advisors. You can also read the website disclaimer for more details the link is provided in the footer of this page.

So let’s start about Ontology, what it is and what it is for? Ontology is introduced by another Chinese company named as Onchain in the last year 2017. In simple words, ontology is blockchain platform which is made for corporations to build up trust system in decentralized network. Ontology has come up with solutions for different issues being faced by current trust networks such as Authentication issues, untapped data, privacy and monopolization of data management.

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Even though ONT coin is introduced in last year but it is listed out in Coinmarketcap list on March 08, 2018. On that day the price of 1 ONT was equal to 2.62 USD dollars and today on 11th April it has crossed 4.36$ USD. So there is almost 80% growth shown by ONT coin within a single month. Even though the other crypto coins are going down or dropping. This ONT coin is ranking at 21st position in the coinmarketcap list of highest market capitalization cryptocurrencies.

ONT coin Price Prediction 2018

One of the important factor in growth rate of any Cryptocurrency is circulating supply out of maximum total supply. If we look at the figures for ONT coin then circulating supply is around 241 million ONT while total supply is 1 billion ONT. So only 1/4th ONT coins are being circulated in the market which means 3/4th of the total supply is yet to be mined. So there is lot of time when there will be deficiency of ONT coins in the market.

As per the expectations this ONT coin should be raise with around growth rate of 140% per 4 months. You can also follow the below table of ONT price prediction. The figures provided below are based on the personal opinion and formulas. These figures and growth rate may vary deepening on the market situation.

Month & YearONT Price Prediction
April 2018$7 USD
August 2018$9 USD
December 2018$15 USD

How to Buy, Store and hold Ontology ONT coin?

ONT is never been sale in ICO. There is only single way that you can buy more specifically actually earn Ontology coin is by holding NEO coins. you cannot buy ONT coin but you would be awarded with ONT coins if you perform holding of NEO coin. You will receive 0.2 ONT in two steps one is locked and one immediately trad-able.

You can also store this ONT coin over hardware wallets including Nano S and Trezor.

ONT Coin reddit, News, Neo airdrop

ONT coin is becoming one of the trending topic or hot news in the world of cryptocurrencies. And the reason behind that is while all other top cryptocurrencies going through bad patch this Ontology coin and Verge are shaking the crypto world with their growth rate.

Cryptocurrency NameOntology Network
Ticker SymbolONT Coin
Maximum Supply1,000,000,000 ONT
PlatformONT Blockchain
Official WebsiteOnt.io
Date of IntroductionFebruary 2018
ExchangeBinance, Gate.io

Official website of this coin Ontology is ont.io please refer the above table for more details about ONT coin. And about Onchain and NEO partnership, they are completely different entities and neither Onchain owns NEO nor NEO owns Onchain.

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