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Savedroid Price Prediction

Savedroid is special designed to give easy access to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other altcoin to make investing more faster and automatic, as they are main to have technology in which with help of bot user automatically invested and cash out where user set the limit and also it store your coins with the term Save just like your cryptocurrency wallet, also provide different saving plans, create new opportunity of investing in crypto which is based based one & only first ever German technology, as they already had many ICO drop by giving subtitle over 10 Billion SVD Coin is available for distribution sorted by different plan like, as most importantly Savedroid is work just like AI means it is self learning technology and it offers different varieties in investing cryptocurrency and as this company is based on frankfurt and they doing different experiment since 2015 with one purpose of saving money in while investing.

Savedriod Price Prediction
Savedriod Price Prediction

Savedroid Price Prediction 2018

Savedroid is currently trading at 0.01 EURO as new ICO of unsold coin will restart soon but according road map they believe till 2022 Savedroid will be trading at 10 EURO means $12.30 USD price, as in future this cryptocurrency will get huge number of investor because right now top crypto is falling with huge drop rate and suffering from decrease in number of investor just because of low maximum supply, so to overcome this Savedroid is launched with huge maximum supply as in Token distribution they have 10 Billion SVD Coin and more supply will be added soon once this coin gets listed on and started showing market cap value and second feature is it has very unique feature which is already panning for number of trading portal that is launching bot who can automatically invest your money automatically by automatically understanding price graph which can also compare price with previous month and after makes analysis what will be expected price in future & then automatically set perfect time to invest.

Month & YearSavedroid Price Prediction
May 2018$0.20 USD
August 2018$0.66 USD
December 2018$1.6 USD

Note: above report of prediction is set according to road map of Savedroid mention on official website.

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Savedroid Price Prediction 2020

Savedroid is worth nearly 4 EURO according to Token Price simulation, as they also promise there will be more new features will be added soon, as right now they are planning Lamborgini Race and fastest user who win this race will be awarded prices from Savedroid and non-crypto version of savedriod is downloaded over 0.2 million and currently saving over 10 million Euro Investment with average star rating of 4.2 out 5 so with they already in 2020 along with this they already announced that in 2020 whatever feature cryptocurrency has we will provide future features in 2018 and always try to improve this product and then they will added other financial investment option in which they wanted to build all in one investment option and also top slowly slowly savedriod will add few crypto for trading with help of SVD and talking about platform then Savedroid will be based on ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain Token with Smart contacts.

Month & YearSavedroid Price Prediction
January 2020$5.0 USD
August 2020$7.6 USD
December 2020$10.2 USD

SVD Coin Future Forecast

In Current ICO they have 4 different section in which 15% of Banking & Crypto, 5% of legal & admin, 50% of marketing, 30% of technology, so right they working with well manner pattern and over 60% from Total Supply will be available for trading & mining, which means they are going to distribute over 40% of supply in Initial Coin Offering, as per every sale of ICO price of per SVD coin in increasing with small margin so user who brought SVD coin in first sale is right now in huge profit and because of there is no limit of quantity plenty of people buy this coin with huge number, so if planning to buy cryptocurrency then Savedriod after looking at future and current price and once it gets listed in coin market cap because of nearly half of supply distributed this will show huge growth in price at beginning and it last for for one month & if current crypto crashes does not affect this coin then price will be on the moon and no one stopped SVD to enter into top 100 cryptocurrency and give tough competition to blockchain, IOTA and many other newly launched technology.

Savedriod Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameSavedriod
Ticker SymbolSVD Coin
Year of Launched2017
Total Supply10 Billion SVD
ExchangeHitBTC, IDEX,
WalletSavedriod App
Initial Coin Offering09 February 2018 to 09 march 2018
Number of Users0.2 million
Review Date
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