Sngls (SingularDTV) Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020, News Forecast

Sngls Coin Price Prediction

SingularDTV is based on Ethereum Blockchain which specially designed for Entertainment things like music, movies along with rights management, peer to peer transaction to give social power to artist and maker with the help of decentralized network with Token symbol sngls coin showing good growth since last one week, which result right now volume of Sngls coin per day is really huge means investor starting showing more interest, as SingularDTV was launched 3 October 2016 and giving latest feature by updating & adding new technology with good security now successfully launched their first DAPP so user can create their own tokenized ecosystem and offer a valuable fundraising infrastructure for nonprofit organizations, as they already launched 11 modules with 3 different app i.e. Launch Pad, Tokit and Ethervision and official website also offering online wallet for users so they can store their Sngls Coin without any risk and also good security will be provided to user, as on 11th April 2018 Sngls raised with over 80%.

SingularDTV Price Prediction 2018

with huge maximum supply of 1 billion coin right now 40% of total supply is available for trading and mining, so in future price will be heading to moon and will show huge growth in market cap value and also takes huge jump in ranking, as currently this coin is falls into top 150 cryptocurrency, as beginning of this coin not able to getting enough attention from investor even considering age factor and growth rate as in June 2017 Sngls was reaches to all time highest of 2017 by trading at $0.23 USD but due to prices again dropped by huge percentage in less than month other newly launched coin gets more attention and investor started ignoring, but new year i.e. 2018 turning out to be awesome opening for SingularDTV because in just 6 days of year beginning it reaches to all time highest in price with trading at $.41 USD and till end of January 2018 it maintain average price of $0.26 USD and this will be game changer for this cryptocurrency so following this report and previous 3 months average growth rate we have set below price prediction.

  • May 2018: $0.42 USD
  • July 2018: $0.37 USD
  • September 2018: $0.44 USD
  • December 2018: $0.49 USD

Note: above price are just prediction which is set according to previous month analysis in that we have calculated growth percentage & drop percentage.

sngls price prediction
sngls price prediction

Sngls Price Prediction 2020

in many country there are rumors spreading about cryptocurrency trading and mining is illegal and there is no official statement till now given expect China, as we know first ever cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin was launched in China where billions of people was invested money in cryptocurrency in early days where no knows about this concept and power in future, but right now people are misusing cryptocurrency in which they hiding their monthly income, as well as they convert black money in coin which result government not able to track tax of investor, so there are huge chances in future this concept may be banned or if they able to settle tax for per transaction then cryptocurrency holding awesome future just like stock market & other investing option, as talking about sngls coin in 2020 then it will complete 5 year of launch and also gain trust from investor then we likely to see this coin in top 25 list just because of this coin is based on entertainment and we know people love to watch music, movies and more, so they need to start pay per views program with exchange of Sngls coin so their transaction keep going and that make market cap bouncing and then price will start fluctuating then it will grab attention from investor.

  • January 2020: $3.2 USD
  • April 2020: $4.1 USD
  • July 2020: $3.6 USD
  • September 2020: $4.9 USD
  • December 2020: $5.2 USD

Note: above prices are set according to performance from June 2017 to April 2018 of Sngls Coin.

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SingularDTV Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameSingularDTV
Ticker SymbolSngls Coin
Year of LaunchedJune 2016
Total Supply1 Billion Sngls
ExchangeBinance, Ethfinex, Liqui, HitBTC
WalletSngls App
Review Date
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