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Trig Coin

Triggers crypto making headlines after regain previous growth stats with this again it cross $1 USD price heading towards moon and expected to enter into top 200 list sorted by market cap value, as Trig coin is Token launched by Blockchain Defense network i.e. Blocksafe who is first ever advanced global network who protecting cryptocurrency from virus, hackers attack along with it also provide more security to listed coin, Trig Coin is very innovative Token who works machine to machine to give more power which are takes place in smart devices and they also launching new new technology i.e. Trigger Smart which is nothing prototype developed using Radio Frequency Identification which include wireless technology and other technology is also there like Justifire, Datalife, Visual flights, guniary, kickr Decision with this Trig coin will be great choice for investment right now and will rise with skyrocket speed in upcoming days.

Month & YearTriggers Price Prediction
2018$8 USD
2019$15 USD
2020$34 USD

Note: above prediction is average price.

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Trig Coin Price Prediction

Triggers was listed in October 2016 on coin market cap with very low price i.e $0.020 USD and having very decent run in price chart being consistent till May 2017 then it start rising with very average growth rate and after one year of launch it reaches to its first milestone i.e. crossing $1 USD mark then in cryptocurrency greatest time where all crypto is one the moon, Trig coin was continuously rising from December 2017 and maintaining 50% growth rate of one week it reaches to all time highest till now on 5th January 2018 with Trading price $8.85 USD and after that it started dropping with huge percentage and also started losing momentum, as per report this coin also dropped in ranking from top 100 to top 300 cryptocurrency and again in March 2018 somewhere trig coin was trading at Below $1 USD because of many cryptocurrency crash happening more in number and also there is shortage of maximum supply which cause this cryptocurrency in prices and market cap value.

Trig Coin Price Prediction
Trig Coin Price Prediction

Trig Price Prediction 2018

April 2018 is turning out be big relief month for cryptocurrency because almost 3 weeks passes and there was only one crash is happened which hardly impacted to price, as Trig Coin creating hypes from middle of April 2018 and on 18th April 2018 this cryptocurrency again crossed $1 USD price and reason behind this they are going to launch Test net and after that they also planning for main net i.e. main network which means they will have their own network for every transaction just like bitcoin, which will have improved factor like transaction fees, transaction speed, security, number transaction per second, smart contacts and many more and just like few days ago Tron also makes announcement about big partnership, test net and main net launching soon from that instant Tron price is on the rises and other coin showing very small ups & down.

Month & YearTriggers Price Prediction
June 2018$5 USD
August 2018$8.5 USD
December 2018$12.4 USD

Trig Coin having similar launching program then they will also shows growth for more than 1 month or expected to show for more days, as talking about price prediction then till end of April 2018 it surely crossed $2 USD mark and on August 2018 it will be trading at $5 USD or if current growth maintain till August then price will surpass previous all time highest and till end of 2018 year it will trading at $10+ USD price, as this prediction is set according previous year price analysis, may above value turning out be false.

Triggers Price Prediction 2020

planning for test net & main net already hinted they planning to making better platform also considering stay stronger in future, as right now many cryptocurrency after finding similar feature they are going for main network platform to eliminated extra transaction fees now talking about price prediction, if trig coin able to enter into top 100 list in 2018 then they will get more number of investor in future and able to earn good amount of profit and now there are lots of question regarding how much Triggers will worth in 2 to 5 years from now then 2 year means 2020 in which this crypto will reach $30 USD mark till end of 2020 and start year by crossing $25 USD mark.

Month & YearTrig Coin Price Prediction
January 2018$25 USD
June 2018$28.5 USD
December 2018$32 USD

Note: above price are set considering previous month growth report.

Trig Coin Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameTriggers
Ticker SymbolTrig Token
Year of IntroductionOctober 2016
PlatformTest Net
Calculating Supply32,105,578 TRIG
Review Date
Reviewed Item
Trig Coin
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