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UCASH Coin is newly launched cryptocurrency shock the system after gaining 400% price growth in just 3 days, as on 8 February 2018 UCASH coin launched as there is no official trading and mining started but UCASH officials currently offering IBO which means initial Bounty offering in which user has to perform specific task list there, as first task currently available is to create new account and then just confirm and immediately user will get 250 UCash coin, which is nearly equal to $5 USD and because of this free coin offering this coin enter into top 100 cryptocurrency who having highest market cap value and if this sale is going on two days more then this coin surely will enter into top 50 cryptocurrency and set new record fastest to rank on this position, as right now more than 80% total Supply is available but for new IBO and ICO 30% will be distributed to user which means more 10% will be available for new user.

UCASH Coin Price

As price noted on 10th February 2018 is 0.0037 and right now price is trading with 0.039 USD means in just one day 300+% peak seen in price and for latest live price of UCASH you can go to coinmarketcap.com then in search box type u.cash and here you will get price in USD, BTC.

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How to Get/Buy UCASH Cryptocurrency

Right now UCASH is not available for trading, mining but good news for user right now you still get UCASH cryptocurrency for this you have to follow below steps:

  1. Go to cash (official website of UCASH coin)
  2. Once you visit u.cash then at top right corner you have IBO Login/Register option
  3. Once you click on that button your automatically redirected to Portal.u.cash.
  4. Then under new user you have create new account so to you just need to click on continue button
  5. Then simply enter details first name, last name, email address and password
  6. Once fill above details click on continue button then open email account and confirm you account
  7. After you verify email address then you have to verified mobile number
  8. Then you successfully created new account and you will get below as reward
  • 250 UCASH Coin/ $5 USD IBO



U.Cash cryptocurrency started on 10th February 2018 with ICO via giving task which is based on Blockchain technology for financial access & empowerment for Billions worldwide along with awesome feature like global retail teller network, accessible for anytime, mobile friendly fully simple and secure to use and using this you can send Bitcoin, receive Bitcoin and also give guarantee profit for new user and main reason why ucash is getting more attention is just because they have aim to support all country flat currency along with other cryptocurrency in single portal, then it also manage digital asset like art bullion representatives and to maintain speed of every transaction in technology of blockchain only one token is pointed to each block with decentralized infrastructure, ownership of funds, smart contacts for increase number of user, Prepaid access key, cross integration, re-imagine finance, Reduce Friction, proof of Existence, distributed Vault, digital wallet, currency conversion, converted network, financial services, global exchange.

Cryptocurrency NameU.CASH
Ticker SymbolUCASH
Official WebsiteU.cash
Date of Introduction10th February 2018
Total Supply21,000,000,000 UCASH


UCASH converted their initial coin offering into Bounty program in which user has to perform specific task to get UCASH coin, so below we have listed task.

Link Facebook100 UCASH
Link Twitter100 UCASH
Post on Facebook50 UCASH
Post on Twitter50 UCASH
Post on Linkedin50 UCASH
Like Facebook Page25 UCASH
Follow on Twitter25 UCASH
Follow Linkedin Page50 UCASH
Connect your Google f2A50 UCASH
Link to Google Plus50 UCASH
Link to Linkedin page50 UCASH
Verify as Converter1000 UCASH
Transfer 100 USD to u.cash50 UCASH
Conversion transaction $50 USD50 UCASH
Post 20 Second minimum Promotional video1000 UCASH
Post Selfie with UCASH logo500 UCASH
Register Account with Referral Account250 UCASH
Send Fund to other user50 UCASH

UCASH Price Prediction

UCASH is currently increases with skyrocket speed in jus few days this cryptocurrency is on top 100 list with 300% per day growth rate and if current peak rate maintain till end of February 2018 then UCASH will crossed $1 USD mark and till end 2018 year this coin surely crossed $10 USD mark and also enter into top 10 cryptocurrency.

2018$10 USD
2019$46 USD
2020$103 USD

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