Why is Verge Going Up? | XVG Price Prediction 2018, 2020 Forecast

Why is Verge Going up?

right now all top cryptocurrency is suffering from huge dropped in price, but April 2018 is looks something different than February & March 2018, because from 1st April where we celebrate April fool, cryptocurrency is not in mood of making April fool to investor because after long wait of 3 week everywhere red converting into everywhere green, which means Cryptocurrency is alive and again started surging by price & market cap value, as this all coins showing very less growth percentage i.e. average 5 to 10%, but on 4th April 2018 Verge shown 23% growth which is really huge as we talking about top 100 cryptocurrency and also over 12% XVG supply is available for mining & Trading, as in march 2018 available supply is near about 15 to 16% and after filling this 4% supply, it help to rise market cap value and so in April 2018 is showing huge growth as compare to top cryptocurrency.

Verge Price Prediction
Verge Price Prediction

Top 5 Reason Why Verge is Going Up

  1. Founder of Verge makes official announcement on 17th April 2018 something big is coming, so many investor believe that on this verge will explode and surge with skyrocket speed. 
  2. more than 10% XVG is Supply is Available for investment. 
  3. Sudden Growth in number of investor in March 2018.
  4. Big Partnership is happening very soon which will turn Verge market cap. 
  5. 75 Million XVG is successfully distributed to users. 

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XVG Price Prediction 2018

XVG coin is really awesome in December 2017 where it reaches to all time highest till now with $0.23 USD and then maintain average price $0.15 USD till mid of January 2018 but following cryptocurrency trading & mining in China in January 2018 cryptocurrency who having more number of china investor and company losing their ranking in highest market cap which we also called as cryptocurrency crash and then many rumors are coming out like South Korea is banning trading and then big trading portal like Binance are hacked and there is huge number of BTC is stolen, which result people cashing out their investment which resulting into huge loss.

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as we haven’t seen any growth since February 2018, but now after being silent for two month verge in April 2018 showing good recovering and from day where Verge Coin founder Sunerok makes announcement in which he mentioned something is big coming on 17th April 2019 which will change cryptocurrency world again and there will be huge growth is price of cryptocurrency is happening, so this news turning out to be positive response and Verge is rise from $0.039 USD to $0.74 USD with 89.74% growth rate in just 4 days and following this report if current percentage continue till end of April 2018 then XVG will surpass it previous all time highest record again and set new record in April itself, so considering same growth we have estimate price which will gives you approximate figure.

Verge Price Prediction 2018

  • April 2018: $0.25 USD 
  • May 2018: $0.27 USD
  • June 2018: $0.22 USD
  • July 2018: $0.32 USD
  • August 2018: $0.34 USD
  • September 2018: $0.38 USD
  • October 2018: $0.47 USD
  • November 2018: $0.55 USD
  • December 2018: $0.52 USD

Note: above price are set following cryptocurrency crash and pumping dumping or bubble of cryptocurrency.

Verge Coin Price Prediction 2020

Verge coin almost completed 4 years of launch in cryptocurrency world and become one of the most trusted cryptocurrency right now and currently ranking under top 20 coin on coinmarketcap.com sorted by market cap value just because it specially designed for low transaction fees, having awesome security based on TOR Blockchian technology which result because of age & privacy factor Verge is one of most traded crypto in December 2018 but just like other top coins Verge also suffering from low maximum Supply which result right now price are dropping with huge percentage and but if in upcoming update if there is addition of maximum supply or if there any chances of launching new hard fork version of Verge like Verge Cash or any other name then in future Verge price will show skyrocket speed growth.

as Verge maker believes that till end of 2018 Verge will be in the top 3 cryptocurrency sorted by market cap value, because of upcoming announcement so considering this we could only expect something huge coming and talking about price prediction 2020 then we don’t know future of cryptocurrency in upcoming year but there will be many decision will taken from each & every country because black money is stored in cryptocurrency and to stay way from tax many people is buying different coin so this is playing major role on legality of cryptocurrency and considering same growth since April 2017 to April 2018 we have set below price.

  • January 2020: $5.2 USD
  • February 2020: $5.5 USD
  • March 2020: $5.7 USD
  • April 2020: $6.2 USD
  • May 2020: $6.6 USD
  • June 2020: $6.4 USD
  • July 2020: $6.9 USD
  • August 2020: $7.0 USD
  • September 2020: $7.4 USD
  • October 2020: $8.2 USD
  • November 2020: $8.5 USD
  • December 2020: $8.8 USD

Note: above price are set considering 4th April 2018 Price, so if we will update above prediction after every month.

1. When Will Verge Reach $1 USD ?

Ans: August 2019

2. Will Verge coin Reach $5 USD ?

Ans: January 2020

3. Will XVG Reach $10 USD ?

Ans: Beginning of 2021

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